Software for your business: Record purchases, control inventory, make quotations,
customer orders and invoices. Do all that and more with a program easy to learn and simple to use.

About us

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide innovative and effective software to small to mid size companies, to offer efficient solutions able to work with low technical requirements, at an accessible cost and that allows our customers to improve its competition levels.

Our philosophy:

We specialize in giving solutions to the problems that a changing world presents to the small and medium companies, because this our technological solutions are simple but powerful. In the development and improvement process of our products we always include the suggestions of our customers, with those that we always bet to a long term relationship.

Our business model:

Our products are sold exclusively in Internet, we don't work neither with distributors neither resellers. We don't provide printed material neither in another physical support, by this way our customers pays for what they will really use.

Our customers:

In its our majority our customers are small and medium companies that recently have begun commercial activities or that already have one or more years of activity and they have gone by all kinds of experiences trying to implement a software solution for their businesses. In most of the cases we try directly with the owners of the business or with somebody very near to them.

At this time our customers are located in:

* Countries in bold concentrate a big number of users.

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